Thursday, May 12, 2011

Baby Girl Tin

Hi bloggers!!
I hope the sun is shining where you are today.
This adorable baby tin was made for my cousin. His wife, who is also a Friend of mine, is preggers with their first child. I knew exactly what I wanted to make her. One of my Baby Tins.

As you can see there are labels for the first 12 months of babies life. The tin is filled with 2 cards for each month. One for a picture and one for jotting a few notes.

It's almost like designing 24 cards!! *ugh* But oh so worth it. The shower is this Sunday. I sure hope she loves it!! Thanks for letting me share and for stopping by today.

Wishes for a great day!


Elly P said...

OMG, what wonderful idea, and such a lovely keepsake.

Love it.

Elly P
x x

Judy said...

That is so cute.... What a great idea.
Have a wonderful day.

jennyevans said...

I love this! So creative and such a great thing for any mom to have!! Kudos!!!

Suzanne said...

Let me tell you as a grammy that scrapbooks for the grandkids this is an amazing idea. The first grandbaby I did an entire year album before baby came. I can't keep up with number 2 and now with the third one coming I am in a panic. This is a wonderful wonderful idea and what an amazing present. You rock!!!!!!!!

In Love with a Bug said...

What a wonderful project - I LOVE it! The ribbons on the handle and the surprise cards and decor under the tin is just awesome.

Teri said...

One of my favorite gifts to give as well!!! I love making them!!! But mine only have one card, designed on both sides, one for the picture and the back for the journaling. Yours is absolutely adorable and the mom to be will love it!!!!!

DebC said...

WOW this is beautiful and looks like it was alot of work. I'm sure she will love it though. I would love anything handmade like this. You did a beautiful job!

Diane said...

I am in love with this tin...oh it is so incrediable...I have a baby shower I am giving in July...mayb eif I start now I can finish it by then...I have a tin I never started that I have had for years...see I just needed inspiration to get going on it...beautiful!!

Grenouille Greetings said...

I can't believe I have missed so many of your posts, Kristin! I have just enjoyed a really long visit, watched your tutorials and your Craft Studio tours. I had to grab a coffee and sit for a while as there is so much to see! I'm sorry I haven't been by for a while and I'm sorry I can't comment on every post but I really have had a great time here! Beautiful baby tin by the way! Hugs, Lesley

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